Episode 17

Published on:

28th Oct 2020

Episode 0017 - Week 5 Q&A

Today, we take a look at some more questions to make sure you all get the answers you need to lose weight in the most healthy and effective way possible.

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About the Podcast

Weight Loss 101 by The Weight Mates
Comfortable and sustainable weight loss practices for anyone of any shape and size.
So, have you always wanted to lose weight? And have you tried many times without much success? Well, welcome to the podcast that will change "tried" to "did" in the most comfortable and sustainable way possible.

Weight Loss 101 by The Weight Mates, is exactly what the title says, the 101 on losing weight in a healthy and balanced way. We talk about how to lose weight step by step, touching on a wide range of topics to make sure to cover all bases when it comes to losing weight.

Not convinced? Listen to the introduction episode where we explain the actual key to losing weight.

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About your host

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Christopher Bandura

I am a comfortable weight loss enthusiast who loves helping people out as much as possible!

I started losing weight at the start of 2020 and by now I have lost 12kg (26lbs) simply through comfortable, balanced and sustainable weight loss practices. Since then I have completely flipped away from a career in games development and instead, I started my own business in fitness and nutritional coaching to make my dream of helping people, come true.

The ultimate goal is to reduce international obesity numbers by 25% over the course of my entire life. This is the start, let's see where we end.